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Detroit Red Wings

The Wings View Of The Playoffs

Detroit Red WingsMany is the blog I’ve bemoaned the lack of consistency, the constant unpredictability, and the peaks and troughs of the Red Wings form.

However, as the season reaches the ‘business end’, there are more than a couple of teams who are suffering a similar fate. Just as the Wings find some form (7-2-1 in last 10), it seems teams all around are suffering from the jitters.

Calgary are fighting for the last playoff spot, but at crucial points in crucial games, they seem to be falling away. In their game against the Wild last night, they put on pressure and pinned Minnesota into their own zone, but after 5-6 shots, and no goals, they sat back, and let the Wild come at them. Either pile on the pressure and get as many goals as you can, or soak up the pressure, play defensively, and try to catch them on a breakaway. Calgary must choose one or the other, as it’s evident they can’t mix and match. Final score 4-3 in favour of the Wild.

The Colorado Avalanche have started dropping points, and are 7th in the West, whilst Detroit occupy 8th, and Calgary 9th. Although it’s unlikely, the St Louis Blues are 10th and although they’re a few points away, their current form demands attention, as they’re matching the Flames. The current playoff combatants are:

Nashville Predators: Currently 5th, the Predators are the hot team, collecting 18 points of a possible 24 since the Olympic break. With the Preds bringing home 75% of the possible points on offer, they’re only going to climb the Conference.

LA Kings: Currently 6th, the Kings are losing ground just as fast as the Avalanche. Their 4-4-1 record is not enough to keep at bay the teams trying to force their way into the coveted playoff spots. They’ll have to up their game to keep away from a final week scramble.

Colorado Avalanche: Currently 7th, the Avs are also currently running at 50%, with a 5-5-0 record that might have held them in their position earlier in the season, but right now, everyone is pushing them, and they’re struggling to hold their ground.

Detroit Red Wings: The Wings are currently 8th, in the final playoff spot, and are pulling in a points tally similar to the Predators. Their 75% points record is causing concern amongst the teams above, especially as the Wings have more and more players back from injury. Babock’s headache is a pleasant one, as he must decide who to bench, rather than who’s fit to play.

Calgary Flames: Currently 9th, just outside the spots, the Flames are just keeping in touch with the pack. Self-destruct games do them no favours, and they’ll have to band together. Even if everyone keeps their form, the Flames will have to do better than their current 60% tally to sneak into the top 8.

St Louis Blues: A little way off in 10th, the Blues are also running at 60%. Despite this being a relatively good form streak, they’re going to need some major catastrophes to befall some of the teams above them

Beneath the Blue, the Ducks, Wild and Stars are all on 76 points, which again, would require a major freefall of some of the playoff teams (San Jose 3-6-1?) to make it. Added to this occurrence, they’d have to make a playoff charge of historic proportions to catch the last spots.

So long as the Wings keep doing what they’re doing, then we’ll be ok. We’ll let San Jose continue their shocking fall from grace. We’ll let Calgary continue to build up a couple of wins and then throw the good work away, and more importantly, we’ll continue to pick up 75% of points. If all continues as it has done so far since the break, San Jose and Nashville will be tied on 103 in 4th and 5th, and that’ll put us 6th, and 4 pts clear of LA and Colorado in the positions below. Hence you see why Calgary and St Louis need to really get going for the last 10 games.

That’ll be lovely, thank you very much.

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2 comments for “The Wings View Of The Playoffs”

  1. Look forward to the game tonight. Both the Wings and the Pens need a win to stay up in the playoff positioning. Of course, Detroit’s need is a little more desperate than the Pens.

    Posted by pittpenNo Gravatar | March 22, 2010, 11:08 am
  2. Good game, good result. Loved the goalie roughing call at the end.

    Posted by rocknrollnobodyNo Gravatar | March 23, 2010, 12:47 am

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