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San Jose Sharks

They’re Back! Dallas Stars Return to San Jose‏.

sharksfan The Dallas Stars - Sharks fans remember them, they sent us home from last year’s playoffs. In retrospect we can thank the Stars for giving us many great gifts.

First, a new coach. It doesn’t necessarily matter that it’s Todd McLellan, but letting go of Ron Wilson seems like one of the better off-season moves. Remember two seasons ago when the Detroit Red Wings bounced the San Jose Sharks from the second round? There was a lot of discussion as to whether or not Ron Wilson would keep his job. Well he did, but the feeling was that he was being given one more chance and when the team puts up the second most points in the league but exits in the second round…again, it was inevitable that Ron Wilson had to go. What if they made it to the conference finals and lost (most Sharks fans I spoke to last year knew there was no way we could get past the Red Wings)? Would you really have wanted to have Ron Wilson around this year? The guys on NHL Home Ice said of the Sharks they never seemed like they were having fun. Knowing what kind of dictator Ron Wilson is, it makes sense that the players might not have been enjoying the game as much as they could. Fast forward to today and you can definitely see a renewed sense of fun and energy in the Sharks. So far the coaching change seems to have made the Sharks a better team, so thanks for that!

Second, a great series. I want to win it all as much as anybody, but like we discussed here, winning it all has far more meaning when you take into consideration the journey to get there. I was at Game 5 last year and Joe Pavelski’s game winning goal was scored right in front of me and my nephew. I have never experienced anything so emotionally explosive as that moment at The Tank when that puck hit the back of the net. And Game 6+, one of those ‘game for the ages’ - you don’t get a chance to see a game like that very often.

And it’s because of that series that penaltykill.net was born. The lack of press coverage combined with Ray Ratto’s commentary (and my personal inability to respond) were the motivating factors behind creating this forum.

So I say thanks to the Dallas Stars - we’re better off because they beat us! And like so many sports ironies, they’re success just might come back to haunt them…starting tonight!

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