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Timmy Terrific Tames Canucks

Older hockey fans will remember when 1 to 0 victories were not as rare as they are today, but Boston Bruin fans would have to be even older than the Old Timer to remember when their team scored back-to-back 1 to 0 victories. Tim Thomas did it Monday night in Edmonton and again last night in Vancouver. When the Bruins face the Calgary Flames on Thursday night, Thomas will have an opportunity to tie the 1936 Bruin record set by Cecil Thompson who recorded 3 straight 1 to 0 wins.

As I said in my blog yesterday, the Canucks will be in trouble if opponents can shut down the team’s third line because the Sedin line is not scoring and the second line scoring has been virtually non-existent. It seems the Bruins figured it out last night because except for the point blank save Thomas made on Ryan Kessler and the two subsequent rebounds on the same play that Kessler couldn’t capitalize on, the third line of Kessler Burrows and Hansen had few good scoring opportunities. Daniel Sedin had a golden opportunity to score on a power play but couldn’t lift the puck over a sliding Thomas who blocked the shot with his pads stacked. Mason Raymond and Jason Krog both missed opportunities to score when their shots missed the open net on easy chances from close in. Roberto Luongo did a great job in the net for the Canucks but you never win when your team fails to score.

Ryan Kessler is quoted as saying that “We knew what they were going to do and we knew how to beat it.” Unfortunately for the Canucks, a plan is only as good as its execution and so far the team is not executing in more than half its games. In the four games the Canucks have won they have scored 21 goals, but they’ve only scored 7 times in the five games they’ve lost. Fans will be watching closely to see which Canuck team shows up for the back-to-back games in LA.

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