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United States Vs Canada & The 3-Point System

PenaltykillI love the 3-point system used by Olympic hockey (3-points for a regulation win, 2-points for an overtime/SO win, 1-point overtime loss). There has been lots of talk about changing the NHL point system and most of them are all theory, but actually seeing one system in action really shows it’s value. With this three point system we find that Team USA is actually ahead of Team Canada going into today’s showdown. Since I’m a firm believer that a Team Canada loss helps the San Jose Sharks, a win by Team USA looks far more significant that it did when the tournament started. With a win it is possible that Team USA will advance directly to the playoff round and be able to skip the next round of tournament play - essentially win a ‘bye’, meanwhile Team Canada may have to play another round to advance onto the final playoffs. This of course assumes that time off helps, not hinders, a team - even if they could probably use more practice playing together.

In my opinion, the fascinating statistic of the tournament so far:
Men’s Hockey Score (combined USA & Canada): 20-4
Women’s Hockey Score (combined USA & Canada): 72-3


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