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Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks: Ifs, Buts And Maybes

Vancouver CanucksThe Month of October wasn’t what most people had expected. Vancouver started the new season in a less than glorious fashion, with more casualties than the local emergency clinic. Luongo has been playing like he was in goal for some beer league team and then signed his name on an already turgid and at times close to bursting IR list. The Canucks looked as if they were heading straight to the number one pick for next season’s draft.

Then with all the drama that had engulfed them initially, they dusted themselves down and waved good-bye to mediocrity at the start of November. What better way to do this than a 3-0 win over the Avalanche. This seemed to be a trend as Vancouver were on a three game streak. Until they landed in Dallas and were beaten 2-1. Andrew Raycroft was the starter during the winning streak. As Vancouver was due to embark on a long road trip, Alain Vigneault opted to rest Raycroft and allow Manitoba call up Cory Schneider to play, giving him his chance to shine.

In his first start of the year Schneider had an outstanding performance stopping forty-five of the forty-seven shot’s Dallas threw his way. He truly was the best player for the team. Vancouver looked asleep until they scored their first goal. Burrow’s later had a goal disallowed after a video review. This review was somewhat questionable even Burrow’s and Sedin appeared a little mystified as to whether it was a goal. If the review had been called in Vancouver’s favor then the Canucks would at least been awarded one point.

So after being dealt the smallest amount of bad luck most fans will be hoping their team can garner a few more wins. Unless your one of those fan’s that may have heard or read the latest story from Vancouver. Such fans may have been overcome with an intense feeling of panic, every time the words Peter Forsberg and Mike Gillis were mentioned in the same sentence. Those said fan’s overcome with an unusual urge to scream, ”WE DON’T WANT ANOTHER SUNDIN”. Well some might say who can blame them? After all Sundin and Forsberg are both Swedish and perhaps this story is similar to the saga played out a few years ago.

The fact Forsberg hails from the land of pillaging Vikings may be the only real similarity he has with Sundin. When Forsberg’s countryman played for Vancouver he was at the end of his career and more than likely just looking to make some big bucks. Forsberg however is trying to get his foot on the NHL ladder again and find a more permanent home in the NHL. Due to chronic ankle injury Peter hasn’t skated in North America since the 07 – 08 season. He has spent the last few years trying to rediscover his form with his old club Modo, based in his hometown of Ornskoldsvik.

Since donning a Quebec Nordiques uniform in 1994 he has scored a total of 249 goals
and 636 assist, along with 885 points. Forsberg also possesses three gold medals and two Stanley cup rings. Peter Forsberg is a star forward, with “outstanding” playmaking skills and “great vision”. Who has a great combination of skill and physical play? Not only that he learnt his craft in the Modo system, as did the Sedin twins.

Vancouver natives may be thinking but can he still play? Mike Gillis has said, “If he can, we’re definitely interested.” It’s likely that if Gillis were able to land Forsberg that his salary would be substantially less than the type of contract Sundin earned. Vancouver are believed to have 2$ million available in cap space to sign Forsberg. May be a healthy Forsberg can play with the skill he has become know for. But would this help to rejuvenate an injury struck team?

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2 comments for “Vancouver Canucks: Ifs, Buts And Maybes”

  1. seriously, i thinnkk that it’s not a good idea to go after forsberg…. learn the lessons of the past Vancoouver

    Posted by B.chandlerNo Gravatar | November 9, 2009, 11:20 am
  2. Going after Forsberg is a smart idea. Just like Sundin was a smart idea. Sundin didn’t cost anything except money, and he had an impact on the team.

    Forsberg is much more mobile and physical. He is also a great play maker with a great shot. If his foot is strong enough, it would be huge for any team. If he gets injured it’s LTIR and his salary doesn’t count against the cap when and if a new player is acquired.

    Posted by EricNo Gravatar | November 9, 2009, 6:52 pm

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