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Were The Sharks That Bad or The Flames That Good?

sharksfanRob Blake said (the first period) was the worst hockey the team has ever played. Evgeni Nabokov said that for some reason, this team cannot seem to play a 60 minute game. Given how poorly the San Jose Sharks have played lately and taking into consideration how well the Calgary Flames CAN play the Sharks, I had a sinking feeling that last night’s might not turn out well for the Sharks. I just didn’t think it would be that bad.

I think the mental trap has been set. The Sharks have lost five of their last nine games yet still remain atop the NHL standings. Their lead is partially due to earning 3 points in overtime during those 5 losses. That may be find for playoff seeding but when it comes to next spring, you don’t get any credit for an overtime loss – what you get is an early trip home from the playoffs. Is this the rut everyone was waiting for, the true test to see if the Sharks had made any progress in the ‘heart and character’ front? With the Detroit Red Wings coming to town next week, and with 9 out of 13 games on the road in February, right now, today, is the time to see if the Sharks can find what it takes within themselves to turn things around and stop this slide. Right now is that test everyone had been talking about, where the opponent is themselves.

On the other hand last night’s game is an interesting matter of perspective. The guys on NHL Home Ice looked at the game as a more of a test of the Flames rather than a collapse by the Sharks. Could the Flames step it up against the Sharks and, once they had the lead, did they have what it takes to keep the pressure up? There was no mention of any breakdown by the Sharks. I guess when you’re on top of the NHL you truly are the team that other’s will measure themselves against. Unfortunately that too is part of the mental trap – feeding the idea that because you’re on top you can excuse losses as being more of the other team’s efforts to test themselves instead of your team’s failure to execute.

When was the last time Nabokov got pulled from a game?

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