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Washington Capitals

What An Awful End To Such A Good Game

Sparing the end, this was exactly the kind of game one would expect from the top two teams in a conference: hard forechecking, defenders punishing at the blue lines, lots of scoring chances but low scoring, a highlight reel goal or two, and grade-A goaltending.

Even though there were so many hits, they were all pretty clean. There was, however, one scary moment when with about five minutes to go in the second, Ovechkin was driving down the right side of the ice, Chara gave him a slight hook, and Ovechkin missed a step and fell awkwardly into the boards. From all the angles I saw, the hook was a penalty, but really not much of a hook, Chara barely gets his stick into Ovechkin. Luckily, Ovechkin managed to turn away from the boards and avoid an actual head on collision but I was holding my breath until he stepped back onto the ice in the third.

Even though the box score says that the Caps outshot Boston, I was impressed with how much zone time Boston actually had. The Bruins would get the puck into the zone and then establish their cycle, or when that failed their defenders would pinch in time to keep the zone.

Overtime was about as suspenseful as one possibly could be. Alternating rushes down the ice, resulting in ten-bell-saves from Theodore and Thomas. I groaned when I saw we were going to the PK just a few moments in.

And the rest is in the ESPN highlight.
Krejci goes for the cross crease pass.
Morrison goes down to one knee to block.
Puck caroms past Theodore.
Game over.

I can’t help but think the Caps should have won this game. They had six power plays and plenty of scoring chances but couldn’t put the Bruins away when they needed to.

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