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San Jose Sharks

What is ‘The Plan’?

sharksfanSo the Sharks are having a so-so pre-season but then again, it’s the pre-season. Some people put a lot of value in the pre-season, take my buddy TorturedKingsFan. He likes to point out that, like last year, his Kings are undefeated in the ’season before the season’. That makes them the Stanley Cup winners of games that don’t count. He’s needs something to keep him going….

But the Sharks have begun talking about something different this season: The Plan.

After their loss to the Canucks, when asked what he said to the team during the second intermission Todd McLellan said ‘I spoke to the plan and asked a couple of questions and moved on’.

Patrick Marleau said ‘We’ve got to put the plan into action’.

Emphasis mine

What is this ‘Plan’ they speak of? Whatever it is it sure sounds interesting and I hope (and am pretty sure) that somewhere in that Plan is winning the Stanley Cup.

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