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San Jose Sharks

What The San Jose Sharks Might Look Like Next Season

San Jose Sharks

Is this the Sharks core group of the future?
From bleacherreport.com

Bleacherreport.com has put together two very intriguing slide shows and just what the Sharks might look like next season. The first involves the promotion of 4 Worcester Sharks to full time duty in San Jose, and the promotion of Tomas Greiss to goal tending starter. There are some very interesting statistics in there to gnaw on and when I thought about it, nothing about the promotions seemed too unreasonable.

The second slide show is about which free agents the San Jose Sharks should let go and who they should go after. If you can get past who we should let go then who we should acquire makes a lot of sense. The only issue I have is with the last slide - I think that acquisition is way out in left field (I’ll let you read the article and decide for yourself).

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