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When the puck hits the ice it all comes back.

Admin IconAt the end of last season I made the decision I was going to put this site together. I put it off all summer long, talking about it but never doing anything about it. Every once in a while I would try to register domain names but everything I tried was taken. One day godaddy was having a $0.99 sale and I tried ‘penaltykill’ and got lucky, the .net was available! Still I took my time putting the pieces together but about a month ago I made it a goal to have this thing up and running by the start of the regular season - and here we are.

Also during the off season I also purchased my first set of partial season tickets. I kept asking my sales rep questions, waited for the schedule to come out, got my application, mulled over which package of games I wanted and which seat level I wanted. When I mailed in my application I went to the post office because I didn’t trust the mailbox in my neighborhood. I impatiently waited for the application deadline to pass so I could find out where my seats were.

So the last week or so I’ve been wondering if I’ve been over obsessed with all of this. I’ve committed to update scores every day for the next 7+ months plus write articles as often as I can. I’ve already got 14 games paid for and who knows how many more games I’ll ‘add on’. I started to think maybe I’m not completely up to the task, that maybe I won’t be able to keep it up throughout the whole season. I was feeling like maybe I THINK I’m more passionate about the game than I really am.

My opinion changed tonight - I went to my first game of the season (albeit preseason). When I walked into the building the first thing that hit me was the smell. Yeah I know, sounds weird, but you’d be surprised how familiar it felt. And when you walk down the corridor and peek down the first aisle and see that sheet of ice for the first time - that feeling of excitement came right back.

Something about hockey really is different from other sports. Watching live football and basketball is actually, in my opinion, less dramatic. Sure the crowd is loud, but the action unfolds without as much drama because TV commentary adds so much to the television experience. But with hockey, the action unfolds so fast that you don’t really need commentators to heighten the experience. And there’s something about the sound of live hockey that the TV can’t match. Only in the building can you hear the familiar sound of stick-on-ice and stick-on-puck.

So now I feel like everything is in place, this site, my tickets, the season…I’m pretty sure we’ll have a lot to talk about between now and next June…

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