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Minnesota Wild

Wild, Still Not Great but Good Enough For Me

Minnesota WildSo it’s been slow. Breathtakingly, teethgrinding slow. That said, I’m down to stubs and applesauce. But, if they pull it off against Vancouver at home on Thursday, well, 6-9 is almost respectable. New Team, New system. It’s pounded to death. Fact is, 3 short handed goals for any team with any system this early in the season is atrocious (that’s at my last count, there could be more now). SH markers are not encouraging with the 5 on 5 scoring woes. Thank you Backstrom, thank you thank you thank you. Keep it up, you’re a full on wall these days.

I like Koivu and always have. I like this team, at least what I think they can be. I wouldn’t write them off with some of the additions. But, I think they can do it, once the cylinders are all firing (probably next year at the earliest). I’m a patient man. This is good for the Wild. There will never be another Lemaire, but Richards could still borrow his defense from time to time (I hope). But to be fair, the Wild have only lost by more than a goal once or twice all year. That’s not bad for a team in transition.

Maybe I’m wrong and I could have something to cheer for in the first round of the playoffs afterall. I hope so.

I’m partial to defensive hockey myself. I’d have loved another year with Lemaire. But, a few more goals isn’t making me spit in disgust either, once they finally arrive.

Well Canucklehead, what’s your take? I’ve got the Wild 3-2 and possibly OT since it seems like it may be hard for the Canucks to even dress a healthy team.

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2 comments for “Wild, Still Not Great but Good Enough For Me”

  1. The Wild are starting to turn their season around. They’ve won the last two games and now have 5 wins. The problem is that all of their losses have come in regulation. They’re not like Toronto, New York Islanders, or Tampa Bay who have losing records but are being saved by OT Losses.

    Posted by EricNo Gravatar | November 5, 2009, 12:12 pm
  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Eric. I think there’s a chance to really see something promising by the end of the year.

    Posted by CraigNo Gravatar | November 5, 2009, 1:24 pm

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