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Your Hockey Team Is Playing Today

Admin Icon …and your hockey team is not playing tomorrow, another rarity in the league (with the exception of All-Star and Winter Olympic breaks). According to the NHL, they anticipate 250,000 fans will flock to arenas around North America to watch a game. Other fun stats (from USA Today):

“Of the NHL’s 67 officials, counting both referees and linesmen, only seven will have Saturday night off.

According to the NHL, about 7,500 T-shirts and 3,300 NHL jerseys are expected to be sold, plus 23,000 orders of nachos, 33,000 slices of pizza and 95,000 soft drinks will be consumed.”

See USA Today for the full article.

Apparently they don’t have enough camera equipment to go around because neither myself nor my buddy TorturedKingsFan can watch our games.

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